• Ocurra in a nutshell

    Integrated team management suite

    All-in-one social collaboration suite, corporate intranet, and enterprise level team management system for optimizing team collaboration and performance.

    Stay connected; wherever, whenever

    Connect, coordinate, and collaborate with your team seamlessly from any internet connection around the world; anywhere, anytime!

    Real-time performance tracking

    Manage, monitor, and measure the performance of your team through real-time progress updates and automated notifications.

  • Superior features = optimal results


    Provide your project team with a useful blogging tool for sharing thoughts, ideas, observations, and other key insights relating to a particular project, group, or topic.

    Group & Project Calendar

    Use this flexible and dynamic calendar tool for scheduling tasks, deadlines, milestones, or other important events relative to a particular group or project.

    Group Dashboard

    With this widget-rich project summary page, all team members will be automatically updated with the most recent project developments via real-time activity reports, status updates, and critical notifications.


    This document management tool allows your team to seamlessly share, revise, track, and group project documents in real time from a single touch point.


    TeamChat is an instant messaging agent that allows team members to quickly share their thoughts, ideas, announcements, or progress updates with each other.

    File Tracker

    This intuitive case management system provides your team with the right tools for managing and monitoring groups or projects, and allows for simplified issue tracking via sophisticated ticketing modules.

  • Meet the Ocurra family

    Ocurra Social Pro

    Team Collaboration & Intranet Suite

    Ideal for businesses or project teams of all shapes and sizes, Ocurra Social Pro integrates the most powerful, sophisticated, and interactive social collaboration tools available with a highly scalable, adaptable, and secure management-based technology.

    Learn more

    Ocurra Social Training

    Social Training Suite

    With dynamic social training features and extensions to enhance your teams existing training program, Ocurra Social Training Pro will provide you with everything that you will ever need to launch and manage highly successful internal training programs.

    Learn more

    Ocurra PM Pro

    Project Management Suite

    Geared towards organizations seeking to streamline their project management routine, PM Pro offers powerful project management tools that enable you to track, manage, and collaborate with your team seamlessly from anywhere in the world.

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  • Performance enhancing add-on's


    Integrate your team's Ocurra OMS with the leading open source alternative for enterprise content management built by the most experienced team in the industry.

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    Google Android

    Extend Ocurra to your teams Android-supported mobile devices in order to optimize collaboration and communication even when on the go.

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    Harmonize Ocurra with your team's BlackBerry devices and ensure that all team members are accessible, connected, and updated from anywhere in the world.

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    Google Apps

    Take advantage of the most powerful, intuitive, and secure web-based office collaboration tools available by integrating Google Apps into your team's Ocurra OMS.

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  • Experience the power for 30 days!

    Take Ocurra OMS for a test drive today!

    Get in on the action for 30 days cost-free, and learn first hand how Ocurra OMS will drive up the communication, collaboration, and productivity of your team.

    Ocurra is scalable, reliable, and profoundly cost-effective

    Built on a powerful open source platform that has been specifically designed to optimize team collaboration and performance, Ocurra OMS is an enterprise level solution with an incredibly attractive price tag.

    Ocurra can be enhanced, extended, and mapped to fit your team's unique needs

    With numerous enhancements, add-ons, and extensions readily available for integration, Ocurra can be easily tuned to the unique requirements and preferences of your team. From mobile extensions to team-specific account enhancements, Ocurra will keep your team updated, connected, and focused whether on the web or on the go.

Who uses Ocurra?

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