About Ocurra

What is Ocurra?

Ocurra OMS is an all-in-one team collaboration suite, corporate intranet, and enterprise level team management system that is completely adaptable for easy integration with your collaborative business processes. From corporate or employee training solutions to a fully-integrated project management platform, Ocurra OMS is a web-based chameleon that can serve multiple functions from a single application, all for the purpose of driving up the connectedness, efficiency, and performance of your company, project team, or employees.

Why choose Ocurra?

  • Built on Drupal, one of the wolds most powerful and secure open source platforms, Ocurra OMS supports thousands of add-on’s and extensions to help streamline your business operations, particularly regarding group projects and team collaboration.
  • With powerful team collaboration tools such as ThoughtBox, NoteShare, and TeamChat, all team members will be able to share their thoughts, notes, and ideas with each other in real time from any internet connection around the world. Ocurra also allows users to upload and share all types of files such as documents, spreadsheets, videos, and presentations with others, making projects not only highly collaborative, but also highly interactive as well.
  • Ocurra comes pre-configured with intuitive tracking and reporting tools, allowing project managers to easily track the progress of any given project, monitor and direct the flow of communication between team members, and measure the overall performance of either individual team members or the group as a whole.
  • Ocurra OMS is a flexible, scalable, and adaptable system that can be easily modified to fit the unique needs and preferences of your team.

Where? When? How?

Ocurra has been built strictly for the purpose of simplifying your organization’s business processes on multiple levels. We understand the importance of collaboration, connectedness, and efficiency when it comes to team or project work, so we decided to extend Ocurra so that it can be easily accessed from any internet connection around the world.

Just to keep it as easy to understand as possible, here’s a quick breakdown of where, when, and how your team can connect with each other through your own Ocurra OMS:

  • Where? Anywhere! With the sophisticated cross-platform technology that Ocurra supports, along with the numerous extensions that are readily available for integration, your team can connect and collaborate seamlessly from anywhere in the world whether behind a computer, mobile phone, or other WiFi supported devices. So, whether part of your team is in Tokyo while others are in New York City, they can still connect and collaborate with each other seamlessly online.
  • When? Anytime! The Ocurra OMS runs on a server that supports access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Whether you need to make quick changes to files or documents, or to share simple ideas with your team at even the most unlikely hours, Ocurra has you covered.
  • How? However you want! As long as you have a working device with a keypad and internet connection, you can easily connect and collaborate with your team from anywhere at any time.

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Who uses Ocurra?

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