Creative Design

Believe it or not, we designed our site using Photoshop CS3 and converted it using XHTML to a WordPress Theme. We then had professionals refine and define content and here we are.

Our Key Ingredients to a Successful Design:

Step 1) Understand why you are creating your website and find references on the web

Step 2) Understand your product &/or service and create a content strategy

Step 3) Sketch it on a napkin, a blank piece of paper or a notebook or use Balsamiq

Step 4) Develop of Proof of Concept using Photoshop

Step 5) Understanding your needs will define which CMS (Content Management System) you need i.e. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or Custom

Step 6) Stage the site, fill-in your content, check for 404 errors and broken links, check in multiple browsers and you’re almost done

Step 7) Plan a release strategy if you haven’t already done so or EXECUTE your release strategy and spread the buzz about your personal or organization achievement.

Let us help you develop your product/service with the help of our expert consultants & partners. Don’t settle for just another website design.

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