Ocurra PM Pro

Managing projects is by no means an easy task; however, when you have a fully-integrated project management system that has been tailored to fit the unique needs of your team, then managing projects will become not only much simpler, but more enjoyable as well.

The essential purpose behind Ocurra PM Pro is to help streamline your project management routine while at the same time providing your team with powerful social tools for optimizing collaboration, efficiency, and connectedness between its members. With features to simplify project-specific activities such as project briefing, team communication, task delegation, resource allocation, time / expense / progress tracking, and deadline scheduling, PM Pro is an enterprise level, all-in-one solution designed to help even the most complex projects run smoothly and efficiently every single time.

What sets Ocurra PM Pro apart from similar project management systems out there is the degree of customization that our system provides as well as the superior levels of data protection, security, and support that we offer. Ocurra PM Pro is a monster of an application that screams power, agility, and performance, and it is more than ready to take your project management routine to a whole new level.

The Features

The Benefits

Unlimited User Profiles Streamline your project management routine
Unlimited Groups & Projects Manage and monitor your team seamlessly
99.97% Uptime Guarantee Automated task/project status updates
Task Manager Project milestones & deadlines more feasible
Timesheet Manager Greater team / project collaboration
Mind Mapper Optimized team productivity and performance
Linkedin Integration Stronger team communication
Integrated Blogging Tools (ThoughtBox) Easy access from any internet connection
Group & Project Calendar Powerful, fast, and secure web-based server
Group Dashboard Mobile-ready for collaboration on the go
Document Manager (NoteShare) Real-time progress and performance reports
Instant Chatting Tools (TeamChat) Automated notifications and reminders
Task, Note, and Case Tracking Superior data protection, security, and support

Who uses Ocurra?

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