Ocurra Social Pro

Built on Drupal, an open source platform that screams power, scalability, and low-cost, Ocurra Social Pro provides your organization with extreme flexibility and customization.

With collaborative features for blogging (ThoughtBox), instant messaging (TeamChat), task or event scheduling (Group / Project Calendar) and document sharing (NoteShare), your team can easily connect and communicate with each other in real time from any internet connection around the world. File Tracker, another useful tool available to Social Pro users, allows your team to add, manage, and monitor groups or projects with ease. With a universal Group Dashboard, a widget-rich group summary page, all team members will have access to the latest project developments via real time activity summaries.

A vast array of useful extensions and add-on’s are also available for integration to help enhance Ocurra’s suitability for your unique team. From mobile extensions to content management system enhancements, there are countless ways that you can optimize the Ocurra experience for your team, whether on the web or on the go.

The Features

The Benefits

Unlimited User Profiles Greater team / project collaboration
Up to 8 Hours of Support Optimized team performance
Up to 25 GB of Storage Space Stronger team communication
Integrated Blogging Tools (ThoughBox) Easy access from any internet connection
Group & Project Calendar Fast, and secure web-based server
Group Dashboard Mobile-ready for collaboration on the go
Document Manager (NoteShare) Real-time progress/performance reports
Instant Chatting Tools (TeamChat) Automated notifications and reminders
Task, Note, and Case Tracking Superior data security, and support

Who uses Ocurra?

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